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Laser Vision Correction
Procedure preparation

Step 1: Schedule an appointment for vision correction


If you’re seeking vision correction, you might be a candidate for LASIK (bladeless: femtosecond/intralasik), LASER surface ablation (PRK/TransPRK), intraocular collamer lenses (Visian ICL), or presbyopia corrective surgeries, among others. Whichever the procedure, you may call the eye clinic at AUBMC directly at +961 1 759635 anytime from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the weekdays. Please do mention that it is an evaluation for vision correction. On a weekend, if you're abroad, or if it’s easier for you, you may also request an appointment through our contact form. Please specify potential dates of your liking. A staff member will be contacting you shortly after to schedule an appointment.


Step 2: Measurements & Examination


 If you wear soft contact lenses, make sure you stay off your contacts for at least 3 days before the evaluation. If you wear hard contact lenses, take them off 2 weeks ahead. You are encouraged to bring along your current and old glasses (if available), or the corresponding prescriptions. During the visit, a complete eye examination is performed together with an extensive optical testing consisting of a battery of specialized measurements, including computerized mapping of your cornea. The pre-operative evaluation typically lasts two hours. As your eyes will be dilated with drops, you may prefer to make necessary arrangements for transportation. Your surgical options, advantages, and downsides, in your specific case, will be discussed at length, and if you are a good candidate for LASIK, LASER surface ablation, presbyopic treatment, or ICL, your procedure can be scheduled accordingly.

Video: What to expect before, during, & after LASIK/PRK

Step 3: Scheduling 


You can schedule the procedure at the end of your initial evaluation. The procedure is performed at least 24 to 48 hours after your preliminary examination due to pupillary dilation, with variable exceptions. Alternatively, you could contact the laser center at a later stage to schedule, either by phone or online through the contact form on this website, as the results of the tests stay valid for 6 months in most patients.


Step 4: Before the Procedure

You should allow approximately 2 hours on the day of your treatment and arrange for someone to drive you home. Please follow the directions given to you regarding your preoperative care. Remember to remove your contact lenses at least 3 days and up to two weeks, depending on what was advised during the preliminary evaluation. You will instill an antibiotic eye drop prescribed during the initial evaluation two hours then one hour prior to the procedure. Bring a light sweater with you as the laser room is set at a cool temperature. Please do not wear eye or face makeup on the day of the procedure, and make sure you thoroughly remove any remnant from the day before. When you arrive at the laser center at AUBMC, additional drops will be placed in your eyes.

Your visual error is assessed and compared to your current prescription
A biomicroscopic eye exam is performed
A topography/wavefront measurement is performed
An individualized treatment plan is thoroughly discussed
During & After the Procedure
What to expect

The Day of Your Treatment

All LASIK and PRK procedures are performed using topical numbing drops. Depending on the procedure, the operational time will vary between 3 minutes to 10 minutes per eye. Allow around 20 minutes for registration and preoperative examination, and around 15 minutes after for postoperative examination and instructions.


After the Treatment

After your treatment, a clear protective shield or goggles (for LASIK) or a bandage contact lens (for LASER surface ablation/PRK/TransPRK) will be placed over the operated eye. LASIK patients are generally quite comfortable but may have mild light sensitivity, tearing, mild burning, and a scratchy sensation for the first few hours. After PRK/TransPRK, there may be some discomfort for the first 24 to 72 hours. You will be given medications and drops to minimize any discomfort. After LASIK, most patients can return to work within one to two days at most, depending on their occupation. TransPRK patients might need 3-7 days. We will see you for follow up exams the day after your procedure, 4-6 days later, and 1 month later. You will be instructed to wear transparent protective eye shields during sleep for the first week. Restrictions after treatment include no eye makeup for 3 weeks, no swimming for 3-4 weeks, and no eye rubbing for 3-4 weeks. We also suggest using sports goggles for contact or ball sports for 1 month after the procedure.

LASIK Preoperative and Postoperative Instructions
PRK & TransPRK Preoperative and Postoperative Instructions
Do's & Don'ts after LASIK
Do's & Don'ts after PRK/TransPRK